What's Amazing About Our School?

What do I like about St. John's CEL? Parents and students share their thoughts.

•             "Their teaching is different… The teacher is more personable (not a number). Smaller class sizes you get more one on one. Teaching of kindness and caring for one another in a very structured setting with religion included. Very informational and always willing to help. The exciting thing for me is seeing the results of what my child has learned put into action and seeing their confidence build and grow." (Parents)

•             "I loved the teacher, center time, the playground, and the whole school." (Student)

•             "The best thing we liked about St. John's CEL is the Christian environment for the children to learn in. We liked that they were challenged to grow academically, socially, spiritually, and physically. We felt the students had a great teacher who was very creative and dedicated to making learning enjoyable."(Parents)

•             "The one on one ratio of students to teacher has helped my son feel that he can express himself in many different areas. Socially he has come a long way, with dealing with his classmates and other adults. I am very grateful for the work both his teachers has put in for getting him where he is at today."(Parent)

•             "I liked my teacher and being with my friends. I liked being the calendar helper and having music. I loved being at St. John's."(Student)

•             "At St. John's, the children receive a great education. The teacher has good one on one contact with the children. They have fun as they learn. They get to hear the Lord's word while receiving their education. I feel that it is a very important part of life. Also, they work well with the children who need that extra push and never give up." (Parent)

•             "I like the teacher, gym time, and snack." (Student)

•             "I like the learning centers and playing with toys. I love playing with my friends every day. I like the teacher, doing Math, and using the computer." (Student)

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